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Customers are not ATMs

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Meet the Team

We are over 2000 directors, managers, and frontline reps, sharing ideas as we develop new way to align sales teams with buying committees. Most are based in North America, however we represent over 20 countries across Europe, Asia, and Latin America. Discover your next great revenue development process in the team!

Make Shift Happen

It’s time to define, then align, and stop wasting people’s time.

We host ShiftHappens, a live round table every week, across disciplines, to demostrate principles of collaborative selling.

If you’ve never engaged a buying committee with a collaborative process, check out the live events and replays.

Join this community to learn more about collaborative sales.


Stories in Focus

Stories are relatively easy to produce and create exceptional customer experiences. Join the Stories in Focus contest and learn how storytelling can accelerate your B2B engagement process. 

We’re a knowledge transfer community dedicated to better engagement for buyers and sellers. Download our B2B Storytelling guides to help you get started today! No Forms, No Spam, No Worries.

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Discover new technology, solve problems faster, grow your career, and lead your team. SalesStack is an active Slack community with a bi-weekly productivity newsletter with the best comments. SalesStack is platform agnostic, discourages pitching and poaching and is free to all members. Join us today to sharpen your edge and lead your revenue development team.

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