SalesStack updates

March 2018 SalesStack updates

#10_newcomers is now #10_welcome_slack_faq. Zap welcome bot greets newcomers.

Thanks to Slack’s Reacji Channeler App, #13_weekly_highlights is now active.

We removed the persona and storytelling channels and added four team development channels:

#06_hire_and_ramp, #07_manage_and_coach, #08_enable_and_scale, #09_comp_and_lead

For revenue teams moving towards Account Based strategy, we’ve added #14_account_strategy.

For revenue teams needing a place to vent, don’t miss #15_sales_rants_fails.

Coming Soon: Team Directory Page to find vendors, increase community on LInkedIn, and IRL.

If you have questions, contact, or DM @chriso in the team.

Thanks to Boomerangbd dot com for brainding, design, and dev of, h/t David Connors !