Sales Mindset

To find success in any career, you need a network to help you reach your goals.

Action Item: Commit to your goals, build your network, and measure your progress.

To find your way, and add value to your customers, you need to bring an authentic point of view. But where to start?

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Most of us have experienced something extraordinary in our personal lives; either personal loss, gain or both. Those experiences inform our work lives, and can motivate us beyond our comfort zones.

For SaaS knowledge workers, especially early stage and growth companies, marketing and sales plays may feel like an endless series of short tests as we iterate and pivot to find our true north. Keep a journal to help you guide your way to be sure you’re exploring all options along your career path.

Along the way, you may notice something’s missing. This could be a lack of continuous training, a knowledge gap, or no clear growth plan in your current role. Note what’s missing and why.

And here’s the fun part. The SalesStack community is loaded with leaders and emerging leaders who are willing to lend a hand. Some started out as SDR’s, others as Marketing Managers and CSM’s. And all are willing to lend a hand. But you gotta know what you wanna know to make the most of your career path.

Can you commit to 30 minutes a day to creating and acting on your personal growth plan? If you are new to the world of B2B SaaS sales, read Sales Development by Bray and Sorey. Then read The Sales Acceleration Formula by Roberge

Sales Development is a journey, and career development is a journey. Are you willing to seek out domain knowledge, embrace business acumen, and seriously hone your writing skills? The hardest part is getting started, find the motivation inside you, and once you find it – then get ready to launch your career plan. 

Loking for help getting started with your career growth plan, contact or DM @chriso in the team. The team is will guide you in journey, we’ll help you level up!