March Highlights

GDPR: What the Flock?

London based Cronycle visualized GDPR mentions by nation, then launched the first GDPR slack team.

SalesForce Acquires Mulesoft

Congrats to all Muleys !! This is a really big deal, as in $6.5 B, SalesForce’s biggest acquisition – ever! 

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Rainmaker 2018 recap

Deep dive from SalesLoft Rainmaker 2018 breakout sessions. Hat tip JDonovan at Selling Sherpa.

Rainmaker workshops

Props to Rainmaker for including 4 workshops prior to the main event – highlights here.

Call Coaching: when in doubt, pause

Gong measured the average length star reps pause after getting an objection, compared to their peers. Successful reps keep calm and take a deep breath, the polar opposite response of their peers. Read more about the “Patience Score” via Chris Orlob / @chris_orlob – Snr. Director Product Marketing at Gong.

ABS Spotlight: Cooking up ABM with Funnelholic

Tyler Lessard at Vidyard put the spotlight on Craig Rosenberg, Funnelholic at TOPO, Inc on How to get Cooking with ABS.

Power Couple

Congrats @anders Fredriksson, Marcus Sandberg, and @brendan_short. B-I-G step after a long journey !

Automated Sales Development Leader OutboundWorks Acquires Hyper-Personalization Platform

Live chat + mini videos = CRO

Damian Thompson / @damian – Co-Founder, COO Leadfuze
“We do mini demo videos on live chat in lieu of scheduled demo’s and conversion has skyrocketed!”

SalesStack Tools 2018

Props to Jakob Thusgaard / and his team for this comprehensive and very well organized list of sales force automation tools. Contact Jakob to get your company added to the list!

Sales Stack 2018: The Tools

Founders: 5 Step ICP & Persona profiles

“Be fearless in your pursuit of knowledge here, iterate repeatedly.., treat it as your first sales goal. It’ll make all the difference in the long run.” via Andrew Oddo / @oddo –Growth at Bowery Capital  Read more here.

Video Prospecting QA

Scott Bunda / @sbunda – Director Inside Sales Vacasa
Hi all, I’m looking to add embedded video as a sales tool for our inside and field sales teams. Any thoughts from a vendor perspective? We’re looking at Vidyard but are also considering Wistia and BombBomb.

Saket Kumar / @saket  – Interim Sales Ops at Hiretual
hey @sbunda – gonna go with the consensus here with Vidyard but I also do like Wistia as well…but from a service perspective the squad at Vidyard really is a cut above. They really try their best to be available for their prospects and customers – @gunjan or @shikhabindra or @stephawie – they’re all gems to work with.

SDR Handbooks QA

Erin Dalzell / @emd
Hey folks, anyone got The Handbook on adding SDRs…?

Ryan Reisert / @ryan_reisert – Author, Trainer, Partnerships at Sales Bootcamp
@emd check out - Our book Outbound Sales – No Fluff is pretty solid too! See also by Cory Bray and Hilmon Sorey

Sales Enablement

Cory Bray / @corybray – Author, Trainer, Consultant at ClozeLoop

Next time your company makes a major purchase, have some of your salespeople involved in the buying process along the way. It’s hard to empathize with buyers if you’ve never bought something material on behalf of your company.

Chris Ortolano / @Chris O – Process, Stories, Enablement at OutboundEdge

Teach your sellers to think like buyers, and buyers engage with sellers. It’s not that hard. The domain knowledge, business acumen, and buying process exists inside every organization. Buyers seek trusted advisors to help them make the best decisions, not be subject to a litany of facts, figures, and lack of understanding.

Hiring Companies – Bay Area, Diffbot – South Bay Area, – Dallas and Barcelona, Vacasa – Portland.

Hiring Considerations

To hire the A Players for your company, implement a rational and thorough hiring process.

In WHO: The A Method to Hiring, this particular process is split into four chronological sections:

1. Use a Scorecard
2. Source A Players
3. Select A Players
4. Sell your company

Check the Kindle summary here and WHO: The A Method to Hiring by Geoff Smart and Randy Street

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