Stories Contest Guidelines

Stories in Focus Contest Guidelines

  1. Contest starts Monday May 07, 2018 and ends Wednesday June 27, 2018.
  2. Videos can be recorded using any video player, and must be shared with the SalesStack Slack team.
  3.  Upload your videos to the #03_Stories_in_Focus channel to share with the SalesStack team.
  4. $50 Amazon Gift cards will be awarded for the best videos in the following categories
    1. Your Personal Intro
    2. Know Your Buyer
    3. Your Customer Story
  5. The grand prize winner will be selected from among the Best Customer Story category.
  6. Prize winners will be announced at the Vidyard Stories in Focus awards ceremony on Thursday June 27, 2018.
  7. This contest is designed for B2B Account and Sales Development Reps. Non B2B videos will not be considered.

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