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Scott Bunda / @sbunda, Director, Insides Sales, Vacasa

“Hi all, I’m looking to add embedded video as a sales tool for our inside and field sales teams.  Any thoughts from a vendor perspective? We’re looking at Vidyard but are also considering Wistia and BombBomb.”

Mike Evans / @mikeevans,  Customer Success Manager, SalesLoft

“Our entire sales team (SDR/AE) leverages Vidyard for outbound and working opps.”

Scott Bunda: “Are you seeing a big increase in open and engagement rates compared to standard email?”

Mike Evans :”The team has seen an increase in conversations because the embedded video allows them to stand out from the noise. It’s super easy for them to quickly record and drop into an email.”

Easy Ways to Use Video in Your Sales Process, Today

Clifford Chen / @clifford,Technical Customer Success, Growbots

“doubt open rates are affected at all but anecdotally i’ve seen a lot of outbounders have success with engaging through custom video.”

Mike Griebenow / @grieben , Bus Ops Manager, Axonify

“Typically open rates are a function of your reputation or how compelling your subject line is so which tool you pick won’t impact that too much, but video really makes an impact on click to open rate. The use of the personalized thumbnail or gif is way more compelling a click than a link as long as the video delivers. For use cases that cold initial outreach is where you can really prove you understand their business, respond to questions.

Like @mikeevans says after the initial period of getting used to recording yourself you can really save time as well. Recording a video can be way faster than typing out an in-depth email and you get all the benefits of body language and tone. Basically all the benefits of a teleconference with none of the scheduling hassle. Recording demos and the support use case are what I leverage most myself, but im an ops guy but my sales teams leverage it pretty heavily. Fully recommend enterprise as well, the analytics and other advanced features fully worth the spend. Cant speak to the Wistia or BombBomb though, maybe one of the current vidyardians can talk you through some comparisons. Happy to chat if you want to drop me a DM”

Casey Schumacher / @caseyannschu , Product Line Sales Manager, ServiceNow

“Loving Vidyard here. I book a lot of demos from it– people just like the personalized videos and the energy I bring. Vidyard is just an awesome company in general– I can’t say I have tried Wistia or BombBomb.”

Saket Kumar / @saket, Interim Head Sales Ops and Recruting, HIRETUAL

“hey @sbunda – gonna go with the consensus here with Vidyard but I also do like Wistia as well…but from a service perspective the squad at Vidyard really is a cut above. They really try their best to be available for their prospects and customers – hit up @gunjan or @shikhabindra or @stephawie – they’re all gems to work with”

James Mctavish / @james, Snr. Sales Development Rep, Outreach

“Do you have a good video that worked well for you that you could share with me?” @caseyannschu

Casey Schumacher: “I would @james but it’s got their name and company and stuff in it so I don’t really want to share that :confused: Hope you understand. I will say that my process goes like this:”

  1. Find LinkedIn and Twitter (if it’s linked), figure out some of the things that matter to them, words they use a lot, jobs they have had, if there’s barely info I stick with the common ICP pain points.
  2. Draw the logo (if I can) on the white board and write a catchy phrase like “Choose 1: X, Y, pain point” or “Is Vendor management a pain in the SaaS?” (because we are SaaS vendor management lol)
  3. Open up by waving and saying hi then making a comment about whatever I wrote “Bet you would never choose <pain point>” or “This is my pun of the day, so I hope you enjoy it!”
  4. Then move into finding common ground and then a soft pitch asking for a meeting then having my meeting link pop up at the end of the video.
  5. Keep it 45-60 seconds long and make sure the lighting its good, I am smiling, and if I mess up I keep going because we are all human and mess ups make you more genuine.

James Mctavish: “This is awesome. Doing something similar to you, but haven’t been using the whiteboard to its fullest abilities! Love that you write a question on the board to get their attention… and use their name to let them know before clicking on the vid that it’s personalized (assuming you can see the whiteboard in the thumbnail) thanks for the tips, going to test it out now.”

Garret Adkins / @garret adkins  Attribution Evangelist, Bizible

“Talk like you’re talking to a friend. look that camera in the eye like you’re at a coffee shop or cocktail party. Don’t watch your videos and don’t make multiple cuts, let it be human, own the humanness. Use dual monitors and put the camera on screen A while the recording window is on screen B.”

Stephanie Wiriahardja / @stephawie, Manager Community Programs, Vidyard
“In this Vidyard Chalk Talks episode, Terrance Kwok shares how using video enables your sales team to get more conversations, personalize your message, and build more pipeline.”

“And don’t forget to include your calendar URL at the end of your video so your prospects can schedule the meeting!”

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