About SalesStack

Welcome to the Team!

SalesStack is one of several leading peer to peer revenue development public Slack teams. We’re a marketplace of ideas spread across 20 countries and 200 companies. This allows us to optimize knowledge transfer via real time chats across a broad range of skills and experiences. 

Can I sell here? 

Well, yes. but with caveats. First, we’d like you to listen and learn how to video pitch. If you’re an XDR (working the top of the funnel) then share an intro video with an invitation to meet. If you’re an Account Executive, consider sharing a voiceover narrative showing us your BIG WHY. This will help us build a video library to 1/share with others who “raise their hand” and 2/ help others passively learn about your products and services.

The easiest way to record is with GoVideo by Vidyard. Point, click, record, then share your video in channel #03_stories_in_focus! Remember the product / service you sell is not unique, but the value you add certainly is. Speak to customer outcomes such as data integration, better reproitng and analytics, increased personalization, rather than selling features and benefits. Generic sales ptiches are too static, and now authentic personalization is increasingly more important.

Can I hire here?

Well yes, but again with caveats. First, we’d like you to share more about your role and what you’re seeking in an ideal applicant. Video is a great medium, but if you have a link to share that’s ok too. We know that top talent is a premium and want to increase transparency in the hiring process. Post your job recs to channel #06_hire_and_ramp. Job seekers feel free to post your job hunting networking requests here too.

Video Selling

We see video selling as an important new trend with an opportunity to provide a unique value proposition in a very unique waya for your high value audience. The Stories in Focus contest page is a great way to learn the fundamentals of video prospecting, and the Stories in Focus channel is a great place to practice. You can use your videos in all the channels and in direct messages too. (Hint be sure to include your calendar URL) Remember we do encourage video prospecting in the team if it used in a perosnalized way, not produced for a mass audience.

Slack Channels

SalesStack is comprised of 15 major channels, each with a # and title to reflect common threads. All new members are automatically added to all channels, although you may wish to remove yourself from some.

TECH : Sales Operations, Contact Data, Engage-Pitch-Video, Growth Strategy, SalesStack Tools

CAREER : Hire and Ramp, Manage and Coach, Enable and Scale, Comp and Lead, Slack FAQ

TRENDS : Revenue Events, Revenue Posts, Weekly Highlights, Account Strategy, Rants and Fails

Channels are oriented around interactive QA re : people , process, and tools. If you’r new start by listening, then by asking, and then by answering. There are no wrong answers – we encourage diversity of opinions.

Getting Started 

Slack has provided a new users guide to get to quickly learn Slack, and a few helpful tips and tricks.

Your Profile

Please add your full name and a profile photo so friends can find you here, and in other communities too. You may create a unique display name, and provide your LinkedIn URL in lieu of Skype.

Modify Notifications

From the main menu, set notifications on for only direct messages, mentions and keywords. Settings can be modified can for your mobile app, and set to do not disturb, or only sent to email (if you like).

Chat Dynamics

Slack provides emojis for reactions, threads for side chats, share message between channels (and people too), and stars to flag favorites. Hover over any chat to see the chat options menu pop to the upper right.

Weekly Highlights

We know how fast Slack moves, and how hard it can be to keep up, so we created a weekly highlights channel for our weekly visitors to glean the highlights quickly without a lot of extra effort.

Profile Search

Until we have a more robust directory, there is only one way to be found by company or role. Update the What I do field with your your role, company, and/or location to appear in a global search.

Quick Keys

Press Ctrl / (Control Forward Slash) to see a list of  keyboard shortcuts. The most popular keyboard shortcut is the quick switcher, which allows you to jump between channels, and between Slack teams.

Slack Help

Click on three dots in the upper right corner to open the Help menu , and if you are new to Slack we encourage you to explore “Getting Started for New Members”. You can also open Slack Help here.

Slack Apps

Slack provides a Directory for adding apps to the workspace. You can request to add a new app, and the workspace owner (team admin) will review your request.

Slack Admins

Your workspace team owner is Chris Ortolano. Please view my profile if you have any questions about settings yours up. If you have questions, please DM @Chris O and he or one of the team admins will help.