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Insights to Action: How do you assure during long sales cycles that cognitive bias won’t lead you astray, and you stay tightly engaged with the best fit deals? Conversation analytics, ongoing discovery, and “Breakthrough or DQ” criteria can help.

Scenario: You have 20 mid-stage deals in the pipe, you need 2 to close by the end of the month, but you’re not sure how to compare and prioritize all 20 opportunities. Consider 4 ways to inspect your pipeline process, engage in ongoing discovery, and increase C/W in 2019.

Sync Conversations to Pipeline

How you structure calls, capture data, and record opportunities is now just as important as how many calls you make. Syncing conversations with specific pipeline stages can lead to shorter sales cycles, and better forecasting. Correlating conversation analytics to pipeline analytics is also very useful for new reps who need to ramp up quickly.

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Avoid the Discovery Plateau

When deals stall, and lacking clear intent signals, reps who start “checking in” tend to start pursuing bad deals. Staying engaged with key decision makers between meetings is an ongoing discovery skill. Authors Sorey and Bray use the Triangle Selling velocity P.L.A.N. to keep their discovery ongoing, and proactive DQ criteria to stay focused on best opps.

Read Triangle Selling Amazon reviews, and pages 95-96 to apply the velocity P.L.A.N.

Discovery : Breakthrough or DQ

Stalled deals leading to No-Decision or C/L occur more than 50% of the time in B2B sales. Negotiating principles can help Breakthrough or DQ (disqualify) with specific questions, scenarios, and DQ criteria to isolate which deals are more inclined to win. Breakthroughs can move deals beyond the discovery plateau, else DQ to pursue better opps quicker.

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Streamline the Pipeline

Ready to transform an outdated, incomplete, or unwieldy pipeline? Consider using less stages, adding significant criteria, and  using risk factors to stress-test your deals. Risk factors are an effective way to increase the accuracy of your forecasting. 

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