Pipelines need Next Steps

SCENARIO: When next steps are not in the call, nor in the pipe, then what happens to the deal? 

Next steps are the glue and grease that keep your pipeline moving. Next steps include:

  • Inquiring about details related to decision dates.
  • Setting meetings with additional decision-makers.
  • Understanding the decision making process and more.

Top sellers often use incremental next steps like baby steps to keep deals moving forward, and hold everyone accountable.


Adapting next steps to your sales process starts first with making a list.

  1. Consider 10 next steps you and your prospects need to agree on.
  2. Choose two mid-stage deals, that have “pushed” beyond the normal stage interval.
  3. Which next steps do you need to agree upon to keep mid-stage deals moving forward?

Treat next steps like an action plan, to hold you and your prospects accountable. 


Once you have mapped next steps consistenly during your sales cycle, start to measure progress using call analytics.

  • Ask for next steps on every sales call.
  • Map next steps to specific pipeline stages.
  • Use call analytics to measure pipeline progress.

Call analytics can show you when and how well next steps are driving deals to the next stage. Leading call analytics solutions allow you to quickly search on key words specific to next steps, then roll up stage specific analytics to show which next steps work best.


SalesStack is a Slack community for lead velocity, sales engagement, coaching, and pipeline analytics. With proper assessments, notifications, and bottoms-up analytics, modern pipelines can now serve as your real-time revenue dashboard.


Chris Ortolano is the founder and principal at Outbound Edge and creator of SalesStack.

Contact chris@outboundedge.com to learn more about how pipeline process and analytics will convert your static pipeline into a sales flywheel. Request a no-obligation 28-point Deal Risk Assessment for sales managers to reduce risk, increase forecast accuracy, and keep the glue and the grease in your pipeline.