The SalesStack Slack team is now three year old, and we’re hosting a contest with a lot of help from our community. Stories in Focus, sponsored by Vidyardhelps you deliver powerful stories in your authentic voice. This video contest is fun, super easy, and will help you close more business.

Stories are a powerful way to engage with your buyers, and video is the most cost effective way to personalize those stories. In fact video prospecting has been recently named the #1 top sales trend of 2018 by Hubspot. Scroll down and get all the juicy contest details and join us! 

First Join the SalesStack team! and get acquainted with Slack, We’re a community of 1500 B2B marketing and sales practitioners and emerging leaders who are committed to finding the most effective and efficient ways to engage our buyers. 

New to Slack? We’ve got FAQ’s just for you. SalesStack is home to 1500 B2B SaaS Marketing, Sales, and Enablement practitioners crowd sourcing best practices in real time. Keep up with trends and test new methods, without selling or pitching to each other. Meet old friends, new friends too!

Now Install GoVideo by Vidyard

Install Vidyard GoVideo for Chrome Extension (it takes less than a minute)

Record your first video and share it with the Slack team in the Stories in Focus channel and voila, you’ve entered the contest. 

Stories in Focus SalesStack channel

SalesStack has dedicated the #03_Stories_in_Focus videos for sharing and commenting on your videos. Engage with other B2B SaaS professionals just like you, represent your brand, and tell us about your customers and how your product or service helped them achieve their goals. 

Visit the Stories in Focus Library

Tour the Stories in Focus video library for insights into the power of stories from some of the best storytellers in SaaS.  Storytelling gives you more skills and the confidence you need to engage with senior executives in your pipeline. As you create the contest videos, you’ll learn how stories help guide buyers to prioritize your products and services. Now with Vidyard GoVideo, sharing customer stories has never been easier.

Contest ends June 27th. 

Stories are Sales Tools

Stories convert meetings to deals, and deals to revenue. Like any marketing and sales automation, it takes a little time to understand the full power of storytelling as a sales tool. Sometimes getting started is the hardest part, so we’d like to help you get started recording your stories.  

Get Started with our Guides

Download the guides below and learn another way to engage beyond case studies and testimonials  Commit to recording your stories, and practice using stories in your sales conversations.  Everyone gets to share their stories, win prizes, and compete for the Grand Prize too. 

Share your videos with SalesStack

Share your videos with the SalesStack team, and be eligible to win great prizes!

We know you’re not measured on the stories you tell. But your buyers are listening, and we’re here to help. With just 30 minutes of your time, you can transform a transaction into an adventure. Imagine the excitement when your buyers’ tell you their stories. The science is in, storytelling works!

1. Your Personal Intro

We’re excited to meet you. Record your personal intro as if speaking to your buyer. Use the personal intro guide to get started!

Personal Intro Guide

Tell us about what you do, where you work, and  3 things we’d like to know: 

1. What problems do you solve? 

2. Who are your ideal customers? 

3. Where can we go to learn more? 

Use your intro to to make a great first impression, but not a product pitch. Make your intro fun, interesting, memorable!

2. Know Your Buyer

Who is your ideal buyer? What are their priorities? Use the buyer profile guide and share your buyer profile story with the team! 

Buyer Profile Guide

Tell us about your buyer profiel referencing 3 attributes in the buyer profile guide:

1. The job they do and tools they use.

2. Their goals and how they meaure progress.

3. AHA moments, and insights they now have. 

When you highlight your ideal buyer, the SalesStack team knows who you can help and can easily make referrals within the team.



3. Your Customer Story

Now share your customer story complete with a bit of adventure! Use the customer story guide to tell a truly exciting customer story!

Customer Story Guide

Find a high value account or case study, and bring put a spotlight on the “main character”:

1. What were the most signifcant challenges?

2. What did they learn from trial and error?

3. What outcomes did they finally achieve ?

This story should refrerence your customer’s experience more than your product or service. It’s not about you, it’s about them!

Win Great Prizes from Vidyard!

All participants will win coffee gift cards, and that’s just for starters. 

Category award winners will win a $50 Amazon gift card (one per each category listed above)

The Grand Prize winner will receive a dual lighting kit for their video studio and a C920 Logitech HD Pro webcam!

Stories in Focus Awards Ceremony

Prizes will be awarded at the Vidyard Video in Focus meetup in Portland, Oregon on June 27, 2018. View the best customer stories from the contest and learn how  to use storytelling and video to increase engagement at all stages of the funnel. Marketing and sales teams don’t miss this meetup!

Stories in Focus Call Camp

Top Customer Stories shared in SalesStack will be featured in the June 27th Call Camp webinar hosted by Steve Richard, CRO of  This call camp will feature the best customer stories to highlight the power of stortelling to build trust at the top of the funnel and close more deals. 

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